Boat Rental & Reservations

Get out and explore Stow Lake in one of our fun boats!

Our New Fleet

Our fleet of American-made boats includes rowboats, electric boats, and pedal boats that seat from one to four boaters. All motorboats, including the support boat, are electric powered and silently glide across the serene waters of Stow Lake.


Our boats are simply the safest available on the market. With the safety of all Stow Lake visitors in mind, we have searched for and purchased the most non-tipping, self-bailing, unsinkable boats.

Rental Rates

Row Boats - $20/hour
Pedal Boats - $25/hour
Electric Boats - $34/hour


Boat rentals are first-come, first-served.


Boating & Boat Safety Rules

Age Limits

  • Ages 14 & Under: Must be accompanied on the water by a parent or guardian (age 18 and older)
  • Ages 15 to 17: May pedal/row unaccompanied on the water when a parent or guardian signs this boat rental agreement form. The waiver form must be presented in person by a parent or guardian
  • Ages 18 & Up: May sign our waiver and pedal/row on their own


  • Maximum of three people per rowboat or four people per pedal boat/electric boat
  • Use of alcohol or other substances, which may impair judgment, is strictly prohibited
  • Life jackets must be worn at all times
  • Do not stand in the boats / Do not switch seats
  • Do not bump into other boats
  • Do not tip your boat intentionally
  • Do not swim / Do not dive into the water

Boat Operation

  • Boat entry and exit instruction
  • We do not offer boating lessons but a staff member will show you the basics to get you started


  • If you have an emergency while on the boat, immediately call the emergency phone number displayed on the boat. If it is health or life threatening call both 911 and the displayed phone number.
  • What to do if you fall out of the boat
  • How to get our attention (waive arms, whistle, use mobile phone – our number is listed in every boat)
  • If you see another boater in need of help, get our attention
  • Remember: the fastest way to safety in an emergency situation is to pedal or row to the closest shoreline

Environment / Wildlife

  • Stay clear of wildlife
  • Docking on the islands is prohibited
  • Do not feed the wildlife
  • Do not litter

Be safe. Have fun.