Community Partners

By establishing meaningful partnerships with local groups, we plan to continue the legacy of Stow Lake for the San Franciscans of today as well as tomorrow. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding existing stewardship standards in order to preserve and protect the richness of local plant and animal species, as this community has done in the past. Our vision for partnerships involves the following:

  1. Community Catalyst: We will become a community catalyst to help share knowledge and establish community investment and pride of stewardship at Stow Lake.
  2. Budding Generations: We will establish programs and incentives for students and student groups to come to Stow Lake to help them understand their place in nature and their stewardship responsibilities.
  3. Natural Interpretation and Eco-Tours: We will bring experts on Stow Lake and San Francisco’s unique biodiversity to Stow Lake to present demonstrations and lectures that will improve wildlife appreciation and promote environmental education, in a lively and entertaining way.

If you are interested in becoming a Stow Lake community partner, email the Boathouse at


Following are the proposed community partners of Stow Lake Boathouse:

  • Peaceful World Foundation
  • de Young Museum
  • Earth Team
  • SF Botanical Society
  • Nature In The City
  • Tree Frog Treks